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What does TV-AWD on a RAV4 mean?

What is RAV4 TV-AWD?

If you’ve been looking at RAV4 models from the past few years, you may have noticed an acronym: TV-AWD. The “AWD” part is pretty self-explanatory. But what does the “TV-” bit mean? Automakers sometimes make confusing jargon and abbreviations for their technologies. Even if you know what the acronym stands for, it can be hard to tell what the name is actually supposed to mean.

That might be the case here. What does TV-AWD on a RAV4 mean?

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Toyota Dynamic AWD System

TV-AWD is the acronym for the Toyota dynamic torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system. It differs in a few keys ways from a traditional AWD system, one of which is the ability to distribute 50% of the engine’s power to each individual rear wheel. No, not axle. Wheel. It uses AWD Integrated Management (AIM) that monitors and coordinates multiple systems like braking, transmission, engine, and drivetrain while driving to ensure optimal traction and drivability.

Thanks to its ratchet-type dog clutches located in the front and rear axles, the AWD system can disengage when not in use, resulting in 80% lower fuel economy loss. Not only does TV-AWD provide incredibly dynamic traction-retaining abilities, it also helps you get better fuel mileage while doing so. The best part? You don’t have to do anything. It’s does this all automatically. TV-AWD is the proprietary AWD system originally developed for the 2018 RAV4 that has since been implemented on numerous other Toyota vehicles, like the Tacoma, due to its resounding success.

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