What are the Benefits of Intelligent Clearance Sonar?

Toyota’s Intelligent Clearance Sonar Technology Helps Prevent Parking Collisions

What are the Benefits of Intelligent Clearance Sonar?

When Toyota set out to enhance its Intelligent Clearance Sonar technology in 2014, they wanted to help prevent even more possible collisions. Since then, the updated technology was set to launch with some of their models in 2015. Here are some of the benefits of the Intelligent Clearance Sonar.

How Does the Intelligent Clearance Sonar Work?

The technology uses its clearance sonar to detect obstacles, and additional sensors were added to some 2015 models to increase the detection range. With its improved software, the Intelligent Clearance Sonar can help reduce damage from pedal misapplication, help avoid adjacent vehicles and obstacles as well as lessen the damage of any low-speed parking lot accidents.

Learn more about Toyota’s safety features.

2017 Toyota Prius parked outside of shopThe Toyota Motor Corporation conducted a survey of accidents occurring in parking lots with their Intelligent Clearance Sonar technology. The survey included three Toyota models with the technology installed: the Alphard, Vellfire and Prius, and spanned over an 18-month period from Jan. 2015 to June 2016. Toyota took the data from nearly 2,500 accidents from about 63,000 vehicles, 26,000 of which were equipped with Intelligent Clearance Sonar. From their data, Toyota discovered that their Intelligent Clearance Sonar reduced the number of pedal misapplication accidents by about 70 percent, and accidents that involved reversing were reduced by approximately 40 percent.

These Toyota models also feature a Panoramic View Monitor. This monitor displays an overhead view of the vehicle on the navigation screen. With the press of a button, drivers can also switch between a Moving View or a See-through View. The Moving View displays the video as if you were looking down on the vehicle. The See-through View lets the driver see the vehicle’s surroundings as if the car were transparent.

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