2020 Corolla hatch taking a turn in desert town

Should I get a Corolla sedan or a hatchback?

Corolla Sedan or Hatchback? A Buyer’s Guide

Both the 2020 Corolla sedan and the hatchback are pretty swell, which makes choosing between the two pretty difficult. That’s why we’ve come up with a few questions to ask yourself in determining which is right for you.

Should I get a Corolla sedan or a hatchback?

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Do I Prefer Trunk or Hatch?

This is the most obvious question to ask yourself. If you want to store your things out of sight or need to haul longer objects, then the trunk with folding rear seats is probably the best bet. If you’d like to transport a bicycle or dog kennel with out having to disassemble them, then the hatch is the option for you.

Which Style Do I Prefer?

Another obvious question is which body style do I prefer the look of? Some people can’t stand the way hatchbacks look. Some dread being just another sedan on the highway. This is an intensely personal question, which is why you should thoroughly consider it.

Do I Need Multiple Trim Options?

The hatchback only comes in two trims: SE, the no-frills one, and XSE, the well-equipped one. The sedan comes in six different trims for more customizability: L, Hybrid, LE, XLE, SE, and XSE.

2020 Corolla sedan turning in the city

2020 Corolla hatch at a gas station

Do I Value Higher Performance?

The sedan comes in two different engine options: the 1.8L and 2.0L 4-cylinder. Those engines can be paired either with a CVT or a 6-speed manual. The hatchback only comes with the 2.0L 4-cylinder. It has access to a special Dynamic-Shift CVT that mimics an automatic and the 6-speed manual transmission.

Do I Want Higher Gas Mileage?

Many people look for the best fuel economy. The sedan and hatchback are basically the same when it comes to MPG, though. The sedan gets 31/40/34 in the automatic; the hatchback gets 32/42/36 in the automatic. However, the Hybrid sedan gets 53/52/52.

Do I Want a Hybrid?

If you want a hybrid for fuel economy and/or environmental reasons, it is only offered on the sedan. More than any other option, this is a deciding factor.

Test Them Out!

The best way to decide is to take them both out for a drive. If you have any questions, feel free to give a us a call.