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How to change settings on a Camry head-up display?

Adjusting the Settings on a Camry HUD: Step-by-Step Guide

So, you’ve got a brand-new Camry and it comes with a head-up display (HUD). But when you start up your vehicle, there’s nothing showing on the windshield where its supposed to be. Or maybe it is on, but it’s so dim that you can barely see it.

Today, we’ll walk you through how to change settings a on Camry head-up display.

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How to Adjust HUD Settings on a Camry

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To adjust the HUD settings, you’ll have to find the proper menu on your Camry model’s Mult-Information Display (MID). This is located in-between the tachometer and speedometer in your gauge cluster.

  1. Locate the directional pad on the left side of your steering wheel
  2. Using the directional pad, navigate to the Settings menu in your MID
  3. Using the directional pad, navigate to the HUD option
  4. Hold OK button to open HUD Settings menu
  5. A menu with three options will appear: HUD Brightness/Position, HUD Driving Support, and Rotation
  6. Use directional pad to select an option and press OK to adjust it

Now that you know how to change the HUD settings, we’ll take a look at what each of option in the HUD Settings menu does.

HUD Brightness/Position

By pressing right or left on the direction pad, you can make the HUD brighter or dimmer, respectively. Pressing up and down will move the HUD toward the roof and toward the dashboard, respectively.

HUD Driving Support

This is the most in-depth option. It allows you to toggle on and off different aspects of the HUD. For instance, you can show a traditional tachometer or the hybrid version, show turn-by-turn directions, turn on and off road sign assist, and toggle the integrated compass.


By pressing the left and right buttons on the directional pad, you can turn the HUD counter-clockwise or clockwise, respectively, along the y-axis. This is great for making certain aspects of the HUD more visible than others.

Still Not Working?

If your Camry model’s HUD still isn’t working, we recommend bringing it into Apple Valley Toyota. Our expert service technicians have the experience and the tools to diagnose and fix issues on your Camry quickly. Don’t wait! Schedule a service appointment today.