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Does the 2021 Toyota Sienna have AWD?

2021 Toyota Sienna: Powertrain, Performance, and Fuel Economy

The new model year brings with it a brand-new generation of Toyota Sienna. And, oh boy, is it a doozy. New look. More features. There’s a lot of new stuff. The new powertrain, though, is what we’ll be examining today. For instance…

Does the 2021 Toyota Sienna have AWD? How does its fuel economy shape up?

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New Generation, New Powertrain

2021 Sienna cockpit showcase

The 2021 Sienna starts its new generation with an all-new powertrain and available AWD. The new powertrain? It’s a 2.5-liter four-cylinder/dual electric motor hybrid system paired with a CVT. FWD is standard on every 2021 Sienna model, but AWD is available on every trim for $2,000. The new system puts out a combined 245 horsepower, about 50 horsepower less than the old V6. However, the 2021 Sienna doubles its fuel economy. Take a look.

Old vs New Sienna Fuel Economy

  • 2020 Toyota Sienna FWD – 19-city/26-highway mpg
  • 2020 Toyota Sienna AWD – 18-city/24-highway mpg
  • 2021 Toyota Sienna FWD – 36-city/36-highway mpg
  • 2021 Toyota Sienna AWD – 35-city/36-highway mpg

Sienna vs The Competition

With the new generation, the 2021 Sienna just snagged the top spot in the minivan segment. The Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica, its toughest rivals, are left in the dust. The 2021 Pacifica does offer AWD, but its fuel economy is nowhere near the 2021 Sienna; the Pacifica gets 19-city/28-highway mpg. The Odyssey fairs even worse. It has no AWD option at all and also gets 19-city/28-highway mpg.

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