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2020 Camry models parked outside of modern building

How to change settings on a Camry head-up display?

Adjusting the Settings on a Camry HUD: Step-by-Step Guide

So, you’ve got a brand-new Camry and it comes with a head-up display (HUD). But when you start up your vehicle, there’s nothing showing on the windshield where its supposed to be. Or maybe it is on, but it’s so dim that you can barely see it.

Today, we’ll walk you through how to change settings a on Camry head-up display.

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car services controlled from smartphone

How to use the Toyota app?

Using the Toyota App: Step-by-Step Video Guide

If you’re the owner of a new Toyota vehicle that has Toyota Connected Services compatibility, congrats! You now have more control over your Toyota vehicle than ever before. With Toyota Connected Services, you can view diagnostic information about your new Toyota, utilize remote services like remote start, and so much more. However, like many other services in your life, it takes a little bit of set-up. Let us help.

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2020 Camry infotainment showcase

Do Toyota cars have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Toyota Vehicles with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are highly sought-after features. Considering the ubiquity of smartphones, this comes as no surprise. Being able to use your smartphone apps with little-to-no distraction is a huge plus for drivers, passengers, and everyone else on the road. For some prospective customers whether a vehicle has smartphone compatibility can be a deal-breaker. Whether a vehicle can pair with the customer’s phone can also be a deciding factor. Naturally, this all leads to the question:

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Pairing Phone with Vehicle

Getting your phone and vehicle to talk to each other

How do I pair up my phone and Toyota vehicle?

The advances that have been made in the world of technology are incredible. We can now use little devices that fit in our pockets to stay connect with people across town as well as across the globe. These little devices can even talk to our vehicles while we are driving. How do I pair up my phone and Toyota vehicle for this to happen? Keep reading to learn more! Read the rest of this entry >>

Red Toyota APM text next to Toyota APM vehicle

New Vehicle Build to Help with Upcoming Olympic Games

What is the Toyota APM Mobility Vehicle? 

Even though Toyota creates fantastic vehicles for all kinds of drivers all over the world, the manufacturer continues to innovate with improving mobility for all people with exciting new designs and models. To go along with their partnership with the Olympics and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, Toyota created a new vehicle specifically for use at the Games. So, what is the Toyota APM mobility vehicle? 

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Side view of a white 2018 Toyota Camry

New Technologies Become Available for Older Toyota Models

Is Apple CarPlay or Amazon Alexa Available with 2018 Toyota Vehicles? 

Every time a new model year is on the horizon, drivers often shift their focus to the newest vehicles, upgrades and features coming to their local dealership. However, while some people can’t afford the latest and greatest models, drivers sometimes wish that some of the newest features were offered with vehicles that are a few years old. So, is Apple CarPlay or Amazon Alexa available with 2018 Toyota models? 

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Toyota e-Palette Concept Vehicle close mock up

Toyota Showcases New Mobility Services at CES 2018

What is the e-Palette Concept Vehicle? 

With plenty of technology and automotive shows taking place these past few weeks, there has been plenty new information to come from Toyota. While we already talked about the impressive new Toyota TRI Platform 3.0 automated vehicle, Toyota had a lot more to share about the future of mobility. So exactly what is the e-Palette Concept Vehicle? 

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How Capable are the Toyota TRD Pro Series of Vehicles?

Extreme Sport Professionals Take TRD Pro Vehicles on Trip

How Capable are the Toyota TRD Pro Series of Vehicles? 

While many automobile manufacturers offer all-wheel drive functions to their vehicles for better off-road performance, Toyota goes a step further on their vehicles with the TRD Pro series. Toyota has done different challenges in the past, and this time, professional off-road driver Andy Bell, BMX rider Jamie Bestwick and motorbike racer Roland Sans showed the versatility of the 4Runner, Tacoma and Tundra TRD models with a trip from south to north Vietnam. So how capable are the Toyota TRD Pro Series of vehicles? 

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