2020 Camry Hybrid driving across bridge

Does the 2020 Camry Hybrid or 2021 Corolla Hybrid have better fuel economy?

Fuel Efficiency Showdown: 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid vs 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Having trouble deciding on which hybrid Toyota sedan you should go with? We don’t blame you. Both the Camry and the Corolla are excellent options. However, if you’re looking for pure fuel efficiency, then the one that gets better MPG is the winner.

So then, does the 2020 Camry Hybrid or the 2020 Corolla Hybrid have better fuel economy?

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2021 Highlander parked under overpass

How many seats does the 2021 Toyota Highlander have?

2021 Toyota Highlander Seating Details: Capacity, Captain’s Chairs, and Dimensions

The 2021 Toyota Highlander is a three-row midsize SUV, which means it seats a bunch of people. But how many? And many three-row SUVs have captain’s chairs. Does the 2021 Highlander? How spacious is the seating?

Keep reading to see how many seats the 2021 Highlander has, which trims have captain’s chairs, and get the full spreadsheet of seating measurements.

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2021 RAV4 parked by rock formations

Which features are standard on the 2021 Toyota RAV4?

2021 Toyota RAV4 Entry Level Trims and Standard Features

The new model year of the beloved RAV4 is here. As a frontrunner and innovator of the crossover segment, the RAV4 has become a staple in the automotive industry. The new 2021 RAV4 model shows us how it upholds that legacy.

Today, we’ll examine the standard features for the entry level 2021 Toyota RAV4 models, the LE and XLE trims. Take a look.

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