Toyota Express Maintenance logo with What is text

Toyota Express Maintenance Gets you Back on the Road Quickly

What is Toyota Express Maintenance? 

Unfortunately, all of our vehicles will have to undergo some maintenance and fixes over the years. While it is important to take time with maintenance to make sure issues are corrected. However, sometimes maintenance issues come at the most inconvenient times. That’s why Toyota Express Maintenance is there to help. So what is Toyota Express Maintenance? 

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Front interior of the 2018 Toyota Camry

Redesigned Camry Recognized for Exciting Interior Design

2018 Toyota Camry Named to Wards 10 Best Interiors List 

Completely redesigned for 2018, the new Toyota Camry turned some heads thanks to its sporty new look and impressive performance. While drivers and car buyers often fall in love with the sedan’s new design and specs, of course, a few things can go overlooked. Adding to its already impressive resume, the 2018 Toyota Camry was named to Wards 10 Best Interiors list. Let’s take a look at why.  

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Winners of the Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge

Top Prize Awarded to “It’s Not Fine” in Toyota’s TeenDrive365 Video Challenge

Winners of the 2018 Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge  

Distracted driving is a very serious problem, especially with teen drivers. While some people may want to answer a text or look something up while behind the wheel, even just a second of not paying attention can be harmful. Each year, Toyota hosts their TeenDrive 365 Video Challenge, a competition for teens to be able to make PSAs about the dangers of distracted driving. Let’s take a look at the winners of the 2018 Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge. 

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White 2019 Toyota Avalon driving at night

New Toyota Avalon Impresses with Powerful Engine Options

How Powerful is the 2019 Toyota Avalon? 

The first 2019 model year vehicle to be released from Toyota is one of the most exciting for drivers, as the new Toyota Avalon is finally here. Offering sleek and impressive style, new technologies and fantastic power options, there is a lot to love about the new sedan. But just how powerful is the 2019 Toyota Avalon? 

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Two 2019 Toyota Avalon models parked beside each other

Photo Gallery of Color Options for the New Toyota Avalon

What Colors Does the 2019 Toyota Avalon Come in? 

Starting the new model year off strong, Toyota definitely turned some heads with the release of the 2019 Avalon. Offering unique style and performance, the Avalon is a great option for drivers looking for a one-of-a-kind driving experience. What drivers will also like about the new Avalon is how customizable it is. So what colors does the 2019 Toyota Avalon come in? 

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